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Hi, you can call me Wil.

I’m an experienced product designer based in Valencia, skilled in all stages of the design process. I specialize in delivering meaningful experiences to users through human research, data-driven insights, and great design.

As a business-aware product designer, I combine empathy with metrics to solve complex problems and deliver effective solutions.

I’ve supported organizations in the Education, CX, Travel, Ecommerce, and eSports spaces.

I’m looking for challenging projects ⚡

  • Name: Wilhelm Rahn
  • Location: Valencia, Spain

Being a product person can mean many things, but primarily it means understanding the people who use the product as well as those who create it. It takes empathy with both sides to create the best possible result. I’m a huge fan of Agile methodologies, and an even bigger fan of asking “why” until I get to know the problem enough to come up with a fantastic solution.


Crafting digital experiences doesn’t start with the first pixel nor does it end at the first interaction. Solving UX problems requires crafting sustainable processes, analyzing results, and collaborating with design, sales and marketing teams in order to make killer digital products. Then, when everything is done, we start all over again to constantly improve.


Humans are visual creatures, we analyze and interpret the world around us through our eyes. That’s why visual identity plays such a major role. Bringing an idea to life requires time of exploration, a commitment to careful design, and an intimate knowledge of the underlying triggers that stimulate our brains and make our message truly effective.

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    Extra fact!

    I absolutely LOVE working on features that make users happy. That’s truly it